Reli-On began operations under current president Steve Dahl in 1976.  In the first fifteen years of business Reli-On worked predominantly as a messenger service delivering envelopes, small boxes, AV equipment, etc.  However in 1981, the company made it first art delivery for Fred Ericís Frame studio. And soon thereafter Steveís reputation as a careful, consciousness art handler got out to the art community. 

As the years passed the company drifted more and more to exclusively handling art work as well as antique furniture. Then in 1986 Steve did his first art show (New York Print Fair) which has  become the primary type of delivery that Reli-On currently handles. Gradually Reli-On was doing more out-of-state work and doing less local deliveries.

Then in 2003 Reli-On doubled its workforce with the addition of Steveís son Michael.  Michael had been working with Reli-On part time since 1992, but in 2003 was able to start working full time for the company. This allowed the company to expand its local delivery business.

Reli-On has grown with out the use of advertisement, but simply word of mouth.  Almost all of the business comes from repeat clientele.  The company  has several galleries that have used their services for over fifteen years.  Reli-On has also had long term relationships with clients in states such as Ohio, Michigan, Missouri Wisconsin, and New York.

Reli-On continues to provide quality service for Chicago galleries in getting their work to and from art shows. Today Reli-On delivers to over 35 shows yearly allowing them to do many smaller deliveries in the markets that the shows are held.  Reli-On also makes trips during the year exclusively for the delivery of pieces not going to shows.  Reli-On makes about 8-10 trips out west, 6-8 trips down south and over 30 trips to New York per year.

Reli-On has always prided itself in making sure their customers receive deliveries on time and without damage.  They specialize in the movement of soft-pak materials.                                                      

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