Where We Will Be

This page shows where Reli-On will be in the upcoming months. Several of our destinations revolve around art shows, however Reli-On does make several trips per year with out the occurrence of a show. Please refer to this page to ship something cross country. This is the most affordable method to ship with Reli-On. If there is a location not shown please email us to find out our current/future availability. Many times in the past we have been able to arrange for a delivery with out it being on our current agenda.

Any art shows we will be delivering to are labeled in Red.

Pick-up Deliver/Pick-up Drop-Off
Chicago May 25

No Show

New York May 26

Chicago May 28
Chicago June 14

No Show

New York June 16

Chicago June 18
Chicago July 1-2

Art Hamptons

New York July 5-6

Chicago July 7-8
Chicago July 8-9

No Show

New York July 11

Chicago July 12
Chicago July 27-28

No Show

New York July 29

Chicago July 30
Chicago August 1

Art Aspen

Aspen, CO August 3

Chicago August 10
Chicago August 10

No Show

New York August 12

Chicago August 13
Chicago Sept 7

No Show

New York Sept 8

Chicago Sept 9-10
Chicago Sept 10

Houston Fine Art Fair

Houston Sept 13

Chicago Sept 20
Chicago Sept 20

No Show

New York Sept 22

Chicago Sept 23-24

Reli-On makes this schedule in order to help provide information on our future transportation destinations. Due to several circumstances ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Reli-On has the right to at anytime revise and/or cancel any of the above dates.

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